Who in the world talks about Successful Prayer? Tawana Lowery does! And she’s living proof that it can happen.  In fact, it was the power of prayer that enabled her to overcome some of life’s most unbearable difficulties including childhood abuse, abandonment, date rape, 4 abortions, 2 divorces, betrayal, 3 failed businesses, poverty and the loss of both parents back to back.

“The issues we pray about might be difficult. But prayer doesn’t have to be!”

Tawana will teach you how to end the cycle of uncertainty and frustration that often describes many people’s prayer life, get to solutions quickly and then move forward to the bright future God has in store.

“With all I’ve gone through,” Tawana explains, “I SHOULD BE A STATISTIC! Thankfully, the 5 Easy Steps I share in this book put me on the road to restoration. It helped me DEFY GRAVITY and BEAT THE ODDS!”

For over 20 years the truths Tawana shares helped to keep her on track and moving forward… even when the tracks disappeared! Let them work for you today!

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