My Name Is Tawana Lowery… and I am a Serial Overcomer, As an Author, Keynote Speaker & Blogger, I share my compelling story of Victory and Hope to inspire the OVERCOMER in you! Don’t give up. You have a bright future and your BEST DAYS are still ahead!

Straight up with no chaser, Tawana pulls no punches when sharing the details about the hardship and devastation she endured.

Choosing to recast her Oscar-worthy setbacks including childhood abuse, abandonment, date rape, 4 abortions, 2 divorces, betrayal, 3 failed businesses, poverty and the loss of both parents back to back, Tawana delivers the message of a true SerialOvercomer… a message of hope and triumph!

Born and raised as a proper southern girl from Alabama, Tawana learned early on that failure was unacceptable and transparency was more than taboo.“I was taught to just grin and bear it, no matter how tragic or unbearable IT was! That’s what I did. And I was good at it until I wasn’t.”

Her 26-year marriage recently ended in divorce when she was faced with the reality that her spouse had only been faithful one short year during that entire stretch of time.

That was a pivotal moment, a moment of truth. As Tawana puts it, “I had to make a decision to either choose myself or die on the vine of pretending.”

Stepping into the unknown was painful and frightening. But it turned out to be a divine set up that propelled her to the destiny she was meant to have.

Just a few things I have gone through… Forced Abortion; Abuse; Poverty; Single Parenthood; Failed Businesses; Bankruptcies; Depression; Death of both Parents; Betrayal; Divorce. I have overcome every single one of these difficulties and you can too!

“When I reflected on all I had gone through from childhood until now, I realized I had been given the Gift of Overcoming so I could help others do the same.”

The ways in which she’s using her gift to help others is through her blog followed by people in more than 85 countries, in her book, “5 Easy Steps to Life Changing Prayer” and being a sought-after speaker at women’s conferences, giving them permission to be honest about their struggles and then soar to overcome.

Tawana says, “What I thought would disqualify me has turned out to be a resume’ enhancement.”

Now I want to help others realize their failures and setbacks haven’t disqualified them either. In fact, it could be the platform that propels them to their best life ever!